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ABOUT babyTresses

As a mum of two boys who both developed bald spots, I started researching the market after my second son, for a suitable product to help protect my son's hair; which had started thinning at the back and came across fabrics and silk. There wasn't much on offer for younger babies in terms of a product that had a strip of silk protectant without needing to resort to something that required tying strings to the cot poles or a full silk bed sheet or blanket that didn't break the bank. Newborn babies require a non-slip safe head rest with no pillows but with many ranges of smooth pillowcases geared towards older infants in the UK and not finding exactly what I was looking for, I decided to create what I envisioned.

OUR range of baby fitted sheets was envisioned & designed in 2017 to solve this problem. I was using the usual cotton cot sheets when I noticed my son developing a bald spot on the back of his hair. After extensive research of hair, products and fabrics, mostly during the middle of the night as I had a new breastfeeding baby; I knew the cotton sheets were a contributing factor to my little boys hair loss, breakage and balding. Cotton fibres are extremely absorbing and were tugging at my baby boy’s fine hair follicles, twisting and eventually breaking them off as he tosses and turns, whilst stripping his sensitive skin and hair of all it’s natural oils and even any products I had applied. Silk, with its organic naturally made smooth fibres, seemed to be the answer. There were full silk sheets that were out of my price range and silk or satin baby bonnets all geared towards little princesses; but I had a prince. Not wanting to opt for synthetic man-made satin, I ordered a silk pillowcase and tucked this under his mattress, testing the fabric and noting any improvements to his hair and skin. Overnight observations showed how the silky pillowcase shifted and creased as he tossed and turned at night and with all the worrying movement I eventually ended up tying the scarf with knots to his cot handle posts. However the SILK worked and within 2 weeks his hair fluff was back. With nothing else offered on the market, over the next few weeks BABYTRESSES was envisioned as a safer Combi Cot Sheets solution so mummy could sleep at night too; knowing he was safe and sound. A combination of Securely seamed SILK headrest on bamboo sheets; which were also a greater organic alternative to cotton sheets to keep baby comfortable through the night. I sourced the highest quality factories, tested the sheets over weeks and documented the progress. Hair regrowth, smoother skin, hydrated & supple! All our sheets provide the most luxurious, softest, smoothest and allergy free bedding for your precious bundle of joys...

INTRODUCING babyTresses!

Our products are made to the highest quality for babies delicate skin.

Fully fitted combination sheets for a secure hold on baby mattress sizes to prevent unnecessary hair loss due to friction on harsh fabrics. Babies spend more of their daily hours in bed so why not make them sleep on luxurious smooth fabric that both protects those precious curls and promotes glowing skin.

#btressed to Join The Full Head Of Hair & Supple Skin Community

Love Isabella x

WHY babyTresses

We provide a smooth, soft frictionless surface for baby to lay on that promotes healthy hair and skin.


• Great for all hair and skin types. Silk helps retain moisture on both hair and skin helping to prevent dryness, breakage, frizz, knots and baby bald spots


• PH balancing therefore protects and nourishes sensitive skin which helps to ward of skin irritations, rashes and dry skin conditions like eczema


• Self Thermo Regulating means it naturally keeps your baby warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter promoting deeper contented sleep


• Creates A Healthy Sleep Environment. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and antibacterial, so no need to worry about collecting dust or dirt which can further irritate baby’s skin

Our COLLECTION Sizes: Moses Basket - Crib - Cot - Cotbed.

Soft, Smooth, Luxurious Feel. You’ve got to see it, to feel it, to believe it!

Original Creator Of Combination Cot Bedding Using 100% Mulberry Silk. Don't Settle For Less.


Our babies are our most precious gift and spend between 12 - 17 hours a day sleeping in their first year alone.

Let your baby enjoy the ultimate comfort of SILK straight from birth.

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