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All varieties of hair are beautiful but it’s especially vital to always praise your children’s curly hair and let them know it’s amazingly glorious; curls, kinks and all the effort that goes into it. Show them how to care for it and although it can be a journey, they will grow to embrace their crown, love their natural curls and in turn care for it tenderly. Below are some easy hair care and styling tips for curly hair children.

Detangle Before Washes

Gently detangling hair before washing minimises the occurrence of knots and tangles. Ensure hair is moistened before detangling. A spritz of water to hydrate, drops of oil and your fingers to gently pull apart and separate any locked coils. You can use a detangler brush to work through the hair. Always remember it’s best to work through curls when adequately moistened to prevent breakage.


Work In Sections

With thicker curlier hair if you do not part the hair to work in sections the products you apply may not reach all strands and especially the roots of the hair. It is best to section hair into at least 4 parts or more and work on each section individually. This also applies during hair washes.

Curly Hair Care
Curly Hair

Do Not Over-Wash Hair

Over washing curly hair strips it of its natural oils and moisture therefore wash as per your babies texture and hair requirements.

Curly washes usually ranges between weekly to biweekly.

Use A Mild Sulphate Free Shampoo

The use of shampoo is not necessary for every wash and it is actually widely advised to only start shampooing baby’s hair after 2 months of age. Until then simply using clean water is sufficient. Always aim to incorporate mild sulphate free shampoo formulated for babies and children. These are so much more gentler helping to reduce scalp and skin irritation, frizz and leaves curly hair more conditioned and softer. CamilleroseNaturals, SheaMoisture, CantuKids, AuntJackies & CurlyKids are some brands to check out.

Never Skip Conditioner

Never ever skip the conditioner step. Conditioner is holy grail for curly hair and prevents the curls from going frizzy. Ensure hair is sufficiently coated from root to tip and rinse thoroughly. A leave in conditioner after washes is recommended to further hydrate strands. 

You can choose to skip the shampoo and only use conditioner for some wash days [known as co-wash], suitable when hair is not visibly dirty. This helps maintain as much moisture to their strands as possible.


Afro baby

Pat Dry Hair

Brisk rubbing with towels can cause damage as towels are drying so pat dry hair with towels. Microfibres towels are also a great option or just a plain cotton T-shirt. Leave slightly damp to air dry and style.


Wide Tooth Combs Only

Use only wide tooth combs and detangler brushes or your fingers to gently style their hair. Avoid brushing or combing baby hair when wet as follicles are weaker when wet.

Comb From Tips To Roots

Always start combing at the ends up to the roots, as this is the gentlest way to remove any knots and separate the strands without causing any breakage. Be careful not to tug on any knots but use your fingers if required to untangle.

Trim Ends When Required

Regular trims of the ends helps keep strand ends straight and minimise tangles once they are older and have longer locks. Its time for a trim when thicker hair thins at the bottom, hair ends knot very easily or you spot rough split ends. Minimal trimming at least every 4 months encourages healthy hair growth.

Protect Hair At Night

Sleeping on curly hair flattens the curls, creates frizz and can be drying on the hair. Especially on the usual cotton sheets. If your children’s hair is long enough you can tie the hair in a bundle at the top [like a pineapple] or even better if it’s kept in a protective style. Switching to non friction sheets or pillowcases such as silk will ensure hair glides gently across the fabric without generating any frizz or creating knots, tangles or breakage.

Keep In Protective Styles

Once your babies hair is long enough keep hair keeping it loosely in protective styles such as mini braids, plaits, banding or threading helps maintain their curls, keep its shape, stretch the hair and promote growth. Resist the urge to style little girls hair daily as over manipulation can cause breakage.

Follow us on Instagram @babyTresses for regular protective styles and techniques.

Curly Baby
Adorable baby pink dressed a over white

Water Water Water 

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Water is life and the number one essential in life. Ensure your children are adequately hydrated both inside and out. Our bodies are made up of 60% water and interestingly water makes up almost 25% of a single hair strand. Hydration strengthens hair and promotes growth.


All Those Good Nutrients

Once your baby is in solids, aim for a varied diet that contains all those extra good nutrients. Biotin is the number one vitamin to promote healthy hair, skin and nails. Make sure to tailor baby’s diet, once they are on solids, to have variety and meet their natural vitamin needs. Best sources include Avocados, Whole-wheat Bread, Cauliflower, Cheese, Bananas, Almonds, Peanut Butter, Sunflower Seeds, Soy Beans, Salmon, Pork, Beef and Mushrooms. There are so many natural food sources for Biotin to promote all that hair growth.


Maintain A Consistent Regime

Implementing a consistent regime and habits will keep your children’s hair shiny, bouncy, healthy, easier to maintain and promote growth.

Spray Mist Bottle
Wide Tooth Comb
Detangler Brush



The LOC or LCO Methods Are The Two Main Types Of Techniques For Hydrating Curls, Then Sealing In The Moisture And Products Applied. Each Letter Refers To A Stage In The Technique As Below. It Is Vital To Find The Right Products That Work To Keep Your Baby's Hair Healthy, Soft & Bouncy.


Water Or a Water Based Product To Hydrate Hair

Water - Leave In Conditioner - Curl Refresher


Cream To Slow Down The Loss Of Water Moisture

Curling Cream - Moisturising Cream - Whipped Shea - Butters


Oil To Seal In All Moisture And Products

Coconut - Castor - Olive - Almond - Avocado -Jojoba

No Amount Of Moisturising Will Prevent Balding If They Are Still Constantly In Contact With Moisture Robbing Fabrics When They Spend Long Periods Laying Down So Opt For Silky Smooth Fabrics Instead.


No More


WHY babyTresses

We provide a smooth, soft frictionless surface for baby to lay on that promotes healthy hair and skin.


• Great for all hair and skin types. Silk helps retain moisture on both hair and skin helping to prevent dryness, breakage, frizz, knots and baby bald spots


• PH balancing therefore protects and nourishes sensitive skin which helps to ward of skin irritations, rashes and dry skin conditions like eczema


• Self Thermo Regulating means it naturally keeps your baby warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter promoting deeper contented sleep


• Creates A Healthy Sleep Environment. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and antibacterial, so no need to worry about collecting dust or dirt which can further irritate baby’s skin

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