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Curly hair needs all the lasting moisture it can get to keep hydrated and promote healthy growth, so with a curly haired baby

you need a simple yet effective regime from day one to prevent infant hair loss.

Moisturised Hair Grows, Dry Hair Breaks


Hairs natural oil is made up of a waxy substance called Sebum; which is an oily waxy substance produced by our body’s

sebaceous glands that serves to lubricate and naturally waterproof the skin and hairs.


As children produce lower levels of oils, some experts recommend adding nutritious natural oils to their hair and skin to

boost health and vitality. Oils are such a beneficial addition for both hair and skin so you would usually find

the staple baby oil bottle in every home.


Straight hair strands usually maintain its moisture and sebum from root to tip but Curlier or Afro hair dries out quicker

due to all the kinks and coils in the strands and the sebum is minimised by the time it reaches the tip, so consistency with

moisture is key to seeing good results and hair growth.


So, if you want to seal in moisture in your curly baby’s hair, it’s best to choose a natural oil that most mimics sebum right? Right!


There are so many different types of oils out there so it’s good to know the difference between natural oils that

moisturise (penetrate) and oils that seal (sit on top). Natural oils, In order from penetrating to sealing are

Olive, Coconut, Avocado, Argan, Almond, Jojoba, Castor, Shea.

Only a small amount of penetrating oil is required for newborn hair.


Always do a small test patch on your baby before applying any products to their delicate skin or hair. 

Gourmet Olive Oil
Bread and Olive Oil

Every child’s hair need is unique so you have to trial which oils and routine works best for your child.

A new born baby's hair is not dirty but it is essential to begin their hair care and moisturising journey from day one.

For my daughter, a simple water wash was sufficient at the newborn stage; combined with water spritz and oiling every other day. 

I only introduced a baby co wash shampoo from the 'As I Am' Born Curly range

and Cantu kids conditioner at two months of age. 


I moisturise her hair every other day and currently have a weekly hair wash regime. 


Work In Small Sections So You Can Effectively Coat All Strands

To effectively moisturise we first need water for hydration. I use a spritz bottle to gently hydrate her strands

(Cooled boiled water and change the water frequently).

Once the hair is slightly damp, I apply the oil to that section. I alternate between extra virgin olive oil or coconut

oil (cold pressed) but I see better retained moisture with the olive oil so that usually takes precedence.

moisturise newborn hair
moisturise newborn hair
moisturise newborn hair
massage newborn hair
moisturise newborn hair

Gently Massage Oil In

At this point I very gently massage her scalp whilst working in the oil using only the ball of my fingers, then I loosely wrap this into a small coil, which helps to mark which sections are moisturised. 

Voila! We Then Further Protect Hair On Our Silky Cuddle Blanket


Nice and simple for delicate heads. Her hair regime will change again as it grows and requires more.

Which oils do you find best? Do you have a newborn regime? Any questions or tips? Let’s discuss below.

baby silky blanket
LOC Tools
baby cuddle blanket



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