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All babies naturally lose some degree of their hair in the first 6 months of life due to a dip in hormones after being born and a hair growth and resting stage known as the Telogen Effluvium, so please don't panic when your baby goes through this phase. Small amounts of hair loss in this period is considered normal and nothing to worry about; similar to postpartum mums losing their hair after delivery. 


With pediatric recommendations to lay babies on their backs as the safest sleep position, there has been an increase in baby bald spots developing due to the back of their hair being in constant friction from rubbing on their bedding. 


However if after 6 months if your baby is still losing their hair in chunks on a specific side or developing a bald spot, then you will need to examine their daily routines to ensure healthy regrowth. If you are still concerned about their hair loss and other conditions, it would be best to talk to your doctor.

prevent baby bald spots

Do Not Over-Wash Hair

Newborn hair isn’t dirty so you can water rinse for the first few washes, even up to a month old. Once you have a routine in place it is not required to wash their hair at every bath time. Depending on your babies hair texture, once, twice or maximum three times a week is more than enough. Curly Afro locks require more moisture to prevent dryness and brittle ends therefore washing once a week is ok, even up to 2 weeks between washes. Biracial, Straight Caucasian or bald babies hair can be washed two to three times a week as they produce more natural oil. You should always use the tips of your fingers and never ever brush baby’s wet hair during a wash. Blot or pat dry only with a very soft towel without pulling or rubbing.

Examine Sleeping Positions And The Fabrics They Come In Contact With

Does your baby sleep on the same side all the time? Does their hair appear more coarse or dry in these sections? Are they laying on the bouncer a lot during waking hours? Try possibly moving them around if you catch them always resorting back to the same position. Ensure their heads and hair are also protected with secure silk slips when using their bouncers, etc. 

Check For Cradle Cap [Baby Dandruff]

Cradle cap (baby dandruff) is another dry skin condition of the scalp that can cause baby’s hair to fall out. If your baby does develop cradle caps, it can present as dry flaky skin on top of their head. There are special washes that can be used to ease baby’s scalp and remove any flakes and scabs. Do not pull on the scabs. Oiling their hair then gently brushing off any dried flakes before washing also helps to keep baby’s hair from falling out.

infant hair growth

Ensure Hair Is Effectively Moisturised

Depending on your child’s hair texture, you need to ensure their scalp is healthy and their hair is adequately moisturised at all times. Know your baby's hair texture and what their hair requires. There are many products and techniques now available to ensure healthy and moisturised hair. Only use products specifically produced for baby's sensitive hair and skin.

Massage To Stimulate Scalp And Hair Follicles

Use natural oils such as coconut oil, olive oil or avocado oil to massage babies head. 

Massage their scalp lightly but do not apply any pressure and be careful with their tender spots. Too much of a brisk massage will only stress their hair follicles and speed up any future hair loss or breakage. Brushing baby’s hair with a large tooth comb or de-tangler brush can also stimulate their follicles and promote growth.

prevent bald spot tummy time

Minimise Time Spent Laying On Their Backs

Use a baby sling for easier carrying, hold them up more if possible. Use a baby swing if suitable. Once they can hold up their head, encourage tummy time which also promotes healthy muscular development of the neck.


Switch To Silk

USE SILK - Silk bedding ensures the hair glides gently over a smooth surface and dramatically reduces friction on baby’s head compared to cotton sheets. Get your baby some babyTresses sheets :)


No More


WHY babyTresses

We provide a smooth, soft frictionless surface for baby to lay on that promotes healthy hair and skin.


• Great for all hair and skin types. Silk helps retain moisture on both hair and skin helping to prevent dryness, breakage, frizz, knots and baby bald spots


• PH balancing therefore protects and nourishes sensitive skin which helps to ward of skin irritations, rashes and dry skin conditions like eczema


• Self Thermo Regulating means it naturally keeps your baby warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter promoting deeper contented sleep


• Creates A Healthy Sleep Environment. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and antibacterial, so no need to worry about collecting dust or dirt which can further irritate baby’s skin

Our COLLECTION Sizes: Moses Basket - Crib - Cot - Cotbed.

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Our babies are our most precious gift and spend between 12 - 17 hours a day sleeping in their first year alone.

Let your baby enjoy the ultimate comfort of SILK straight from birth.

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