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100% 19 Momme Mulberry Silk Toddler Pillowcase
*Please Be Mindful When Purchasing Our Pillowcases That Experts Strictly Recommend Starting The Use Of Pillows For Children Only Between The Ages Of 2 To 3 Years. Until Then Children Should Be On A Clear Flat Surface With No Obstructions*
Our Silk Pillowcases Ensures Your Little Ones Hair & Face Glide Gently Across The Smoothest Fabric To Protect Them Whilst They Nap Or Sleep.
Normal Cotton Pillowcases Cause Friction Against Your Children's Hair and Skin Which Contributes To: Hair Loss, Breakage, Balding, Frizzy Hair, Knots & Tangles Aggravated Dry Skin Conditions
Prevent Breakage
Maintain Moisture
Eliminate Knots & Tangles
Easier Mornings & Brushing
All Our Cases Are Lovingly Created And Give Your Child The Dreamiest Surface To Drift Off On Whilst Combating These Problems.

TODDLER Silk Pillowcase



    Luxurious & Delicate

    Help Prevent Hair Frizz, Knots & Breakage

    Hypoallergenic & Antibacterial

    Oeko-Tex Standard Cert


    To Fit Standard Toddler Pillow

    60cm x 40cm


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