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CURRENTLY EXPECTED - TBC Restock Delayed Due To Supplier Factory Shutdown. Thank You For Your Patience. 100% 19 Momme Mulberry Silk Headrest Secured Fully On 100% Organic Bamboo Our Silk + Bamboo Sheets Ensures Your Little Ones Hair & Skin Glide Gently Across The Smoothest Fabric To Protect Them Whilst They Nap Or Sleep. Normal Cotton Sheets Cause Friction Against Your Baby's Hair and Skin Which Contributes To: Hair Loss, Breakage, Balding Frizzy Hair, Knots & Tangles Aggravated Dry Skin Conditions All Our Sheets Are Lovingly Created And Give Your Baby The Dreamiest Surface To Drift Off On Whilst Combating These Problems. All Sheets Are Fitted To Provide A Snug Fit On Babys Mattress.

COT Sheet

SKU: 21354653


    Luxurious & Delicate For Baby's Skin

    Help Prevent Baby Hair Frizz, Breakage & Bald Spots

    Hypoallergenic & Antibacterial

    Oeko-Tex Standard Cert


    Fitted Sheet

    120cm x 60cm


    Colour: WHITE


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