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Every new parent is bound to have a ton of responsibilities with their little bundle of joy and in some cases baby's hair care may be new territory to manoeuvre. Having two boys myself, I initially thought shampooing then applying shea butter was enough to get by but actually baby boys need extra hair care too! Baby hair, scalp and skin requirements are different to our own hair and skin needs. Gentle care is required as as well as attentively selecting suitable products that work best for your child.

Products Only Formulated For Baby Hair & Skin

Always use gentle purpose made products created for babies delicate hair and skin. These are formulated with gentle ph balanced ingredients and variations of tear free, sulphate free, fragrance free and naturally derived options. With so many brands of baby shampoos, conditioners, cremes & lotions, it is always advised to trial a few and select the ones that work best for your baby; leaving their hair and skin soft, supple and healthy. 

Tailor Hair Wash Regime

Over-washing hair will strip strands and scalp of the natural oils and moisture required to remain healthy, therefore tailor hair washes to your babies hair texture [straight, curly, coily, oily, dry), their activity level and their age. Stripping the hair opens the way for frizz, knots, dryness, dandruff  and potential hair loss. If baby is sweating a lot or their hair is visibly dirty, then always feel free to wash outside their normal routine. Changes in weather may also require changes in frequency so examine your baby's hair and adjust as required.  Newborns produce very little oil or dirt so can have their hair washed weekly. Once they are older:

Straight Fine Hair - Every 2 to 3 Days

Curly Mixed Hair - Weekly

Thick Afro Hair - Weekly to Bi-Weekly

Sleeping Baby

Water Temperature

Water temperature can also contribute to potential hair loss so it is vital to ensure your baby's hair is washed with lukewarm water that is not too hot to the touch. Use warm water whilst shampooing to open up hair cuticles and penetrate the hair, then use cooler water to rinse out, which seals the cuticles back up. 

Massage Shampoo Into Hair

Using the ball of your fingers, lightly massage scalp during washes, ensuring all shampoo is completely rinsed out after. Massaging the scalp stimulates hair follicles for hair growth whilst promoting great scalp health. It is widely advised to only start shampoo in baby's hair regime after 2 months of age.

Condition If Required

Conditioner coats the hair strands, adds shine, softens hair and smooths the cuticles. With straight fine hair you can choose to skip the conditioner step. The drier your baby's hair the more conditioner is required. You can choose between instant and deep conditioners that should be completed rinsed out or leave in conditions that can be applied before styling.

Pat Dry Hair

Brisk rubbing with towels can cause damage as towels are drying so pat dry hair with towels. Microfiber towels are also a great option or just a plain cotton T-shirt. Leave slightly damp to air dry and style.

Cute Baby Boy
Baby After Bath

Trim Ends When Required

Regular trims of the ends helps keep strand ends straight and minimise tangles once they are older and have longer locks. Its time for a trim when thicker hair thins at the bottom, hair ends knot very easily or you spot rough split ends. Minimal trimming at least every 4 months encourages healthy hair growth.

Protect Hair At Night

 Usual cotton bedding are extremely absorbing which can have a drying effect on your little ones hair. Switching to non friction sheets or pillowcases such as silk will ensure hair glides gently across the fabric without generating any frizz, creating knots, tangles, breakage and bald spots.


Babies in Playroom
silk cot sheet

Water Water Water 

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Water is life and the number one essential in life. Ensure your children are adequately hydrated both inside and out. Our bodies are made up of 60% water and interestingly water makes up almost 25% of a single hair strand. Hydration strengthens hair and promotes growth.


All Those Good Nutrients

Once your baby is in solids, aim for a varied diet that contains all those extra good nutrients. Biotin is the number one vitamin to promote healthy hair, skin and nails. Make sure to tailor baby’s diet, once they are on solids, to have variety and meet their natural vitamin needs. Best sources include Avocados, Whole-wheat Bread, Cauliflower, Cheese, Bananas, Almonds, Peanut Butter, Sunflower Seeds, Soy Beans, Salmon, Pork, Beef and Mushrooms. There are so many natural food sources for Biotin to promote all that hair growth.

Happy Girl with Dad
Father Combing Daughter's Hair

Maintain A Consistent Regime

Implementing a consistent regime and habits will keep your children’s hair shiny, bouncy, healthy, easier to maintain and promote growth.


No More


WHY babyTresses

We provide a smooth, soft frictionless surface for baby to lay on that promotes healthy hair and skin.


• Great for all hair and skin types. Silk helps retain moisture on both hair and skin helping to prevent dryness, breakage, frizz, knots and baby bald spots


• PH balancing therefore protects and nourishes sensitive skin which helps to ward of skin irritations, rashes and dry skin conditions like eczema


• Self Thermo Regulating means it naturally keeps your baby warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter promoting deeper contented sleep


• Creates A Healthy Sleep Environment. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and antibacterial, so no need to worry about collecting dust or dirt which can further irritate baby’s skin

Our COLLECTION Sizes: Moses Basket - Crib - Cot - Cotbed.

Soft, Smooth, Luxurious Feel. You’ve got to see it, to feel it, to believe it!

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Our babies are our most precious gift and spend between 12 - 17 hours a day sleeping in their first year alone.

Let your baby enjoy the ultimate comfort of SILK straight from birth.

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